Ogame Minenausbau


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Ogame Minenausbau

danaribordercollies.com › danaribordercollies.com › Miner. Vorweg gilt natürlich zu sagen, dass ähnliches gilt wie bei der Flotte, beim Minenbau, beim. Kolonieausbau es gibt KEIN "perfekt". Erstes spielen in OGame viele. danaribordercollies.com - Die OGame-Minen-Statistik.

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Den Ausbau der Minen bezahlt der Spieler mit Metall und Kristall, die immer ein bestimmtes Wertverhältnis zueinander haben. Mit jeder. OGame Optimale Minen (Berechnung) - Let's Play OGame - #12 (deutsch | german). 12, views12K views. • Apr 17, Wird der Bau der Minen bis M15, K13 und D11 fortgesetzt, ist die Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig).

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Ogame :- Reaching 300 Million Points! Account Tour/Overview (Rank 7/Miner)

1 In-Game Description 2 Requirements 3 Statistics Costs by Level Production Energy Consumption 4 Resource Stat Table 5 Production and Profit vs Cost 6 See also Metal is the primary resource used in the foundation of your Empire. At greater depths, the mines can produce more output of danaribordercollies.com can use the available metal for use in the construction of buildings, ships, defense. Wreck field. If a minimum percentage of your fleet and a minimum of units is destroyed, a wreck field will form near your planet. The life of the wreck field is 72 hours. Since , Ogame has included the new technology: astrophysics. This technology allow you to have more colonies, send more expeditions at time and colonise all planet slots. How to send expedition? First, to be able to send an expedition, you need to have astrophysics. The number of expedition depends of this technology. Here the formula. Toutes les statistiques mondiales Ogame!! retrouvez les outils et widgets pour mieux suivre la progression des joueurs. OGame Battle for universal dominance in the timeless space strategy classic OGame: conquer new planets, research ground-breaking technologies, form alliances and fight unbelievable space wars with thousands of other emperors. hallo, wie soll ich meine minen ausbauen? immer mit 3 stufen abstand? also z.b. MKD14was meint ihr was wäre optimal um zu. danaribordercollies.com › danaribordercollies.com › Miner. Der Miner ist das Gegenteil von einem Raider, er versucht die Minen haben und sich aber trotzdem nicht ganz von OGame trennen wollen. Wird der Bau der Minen bis M15, K13 und D11 fortgesetzt, ist die Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig). Besides unlocking stuff, it provides a bonus by decreasing deconstruction Automaten Tricks Kostenlos of buildings, which is generally quite useless. Nevertheless, satellites are extremely efficient, Poker Gegen Computer they are cheap and allow you to invest more resources into mines and get a quick growth. What you Ogame Minenausbau In case of war or just simple attack from an enemy, solar satellites can be targeted or hit during a raid on your Spiel Kroatien Tschechien. Here is the chart for planet sizes and temperature Spiel Mit Com Kostenlos to OWiki. DM just allows you to fast-track it. Maximizing your ROI requires some automated tools, which I mentioned above, strategic thinking and a good understanding of your universe. The more solar satellites you have, the more attractive target you become. This guide is intended for speed unis 4x or higherOgame Minenausbau I only play those. Davon ausgehend, dass du mit aktiviertem InfoCompte alle Seiten durchgegangen bist Versorgung, Anlagen und Verteidigung auf allen Planeten und Mondengeh auf Übersicht. Planet positioning, however, can be changed by using the relocation option normally costs As you say, little things add up in Ogame, as it is a long term game. General Information Terms of Use. Everything what you need to the play is a Standard Browser. You will definitely find something for yourself.
Ogame Minenausbau Sportwetten Ergebnisse ist der Code dadurch deutlich übersichtlicher geworden und Erweiterungen lassen sich einfacher einfügen. In dieser Phase steht die militärische Aufrüstung im Vordergrund. Produzierst du nur für den Eigenbedarf ist der Abstand von 2 bis 3 Minenstufen völlig in Ordnung.

SecretOssi wrote:. Habe gerade die Tabelle nicht zur Hand die oft empfohlen wird. Und wenn du nicht so viel handeln möchtest kannst du auch die Krisminen stärker in Blick halten.

Lg Red. Unifusionen OGame. Minenschnitt als fleeter wadi Jul 30th Archiv [Fragen zum Spiel]. Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

You will find more about defense set-up later in the guide. Shielding Technology. The most expensive and generally the most useless tech in the military tree, unless you have a RIP fleet.

Armour Technology. The best military tech for fleeters, but not that important for miners. Go for it if you have unused metal.

You built yourself a nice income. Now, how do you protect it? There are direct ways to cover your economy i. These work great in combination, especially early game, when you cannot afford a decent defense.

The more solar satellites you have, the more attractive target you become. For some reason, people like to smack satellites; may be they envy the speed with which miners develop?

Hence, defense is important. But don't blindly build it. The goal of defense is not to survive a battle with the attacker, but rather to inflict maximum possible damage, making the attack unprofitable.

Defensive structures are more cost-effectivethan fleets, but the downside to that is that defenses have low structural integrity, or hull.

They can't take a beating, but they have a much higher firepower for the same price. Rocket Launchers and Light Lasers are fodder.

Early game, Light Lasers are the most cost-efficient way of defending yourself, because unlike in case with Rocket Launchers, Cruisers do not have rapidfire against Light Lasers.

Later in the game, you might get attacked with Destroyers, and this ship class has rapidfire against Light Lasers, so you throw Rocket Launchers in the mix.

The issue with Destroyers is that one blast of a Plasma Turret is insufficient to have a chance of instant destruction. That is the only ship besides RIP that can't be insta-killed by a Plasma Turret, provided that you have the same combat tech levels as the attacker.

Heavy Lasers counter light fighters and small cargos, Gauss Cannons kill cruisers and Large Cargos, for bigger ships you need Plasmas.

Most miners sell Deuterium to fleeters, but if you have DM, do not join their ranks. The merchants provide excellent rates for selling Deuterium, up to That means that if you purchase a lot of Deuterium and then resell it to the merchant, you can get a huge profit and there is no limit as to how much Deuterium you can purchase from other players.

The one who dominates Deuterium purchasing market and has sufficient Dark Matter will sooner or later become nr 1.

Later on, Deuterium merching may become your most profitable activity. If you do not have sufficient DM, you can sell Deuterium to your alliance or some other fleeters.

Supplying Deuterium allows you to ask for protection and buyers generally act accordingly because there is nothing more crucial for a skilled fleeter than timely fuel supplies.

That concludes the guide. If you want to suggest an addition or some modification, feel free to contact me.

I don't know why would some1 built a solar satellites in high eco unis if you're a pure miner? Fusion reactor is the only logic way to go. Leveling energy tech in high level unis is not so hard and high energy lvl 20 or more with fusion 20 is more then enough for brutal mine levels.

Deut consumption is negligible and you can even reduce it with high plasma tech. Highly disagree.

You said that defenses have low structural integrity, or hull. At least this tech is equal to weapons tech.

I do not understand why anyone not on slot 15 would go for fusion. Reactors are way less cost-efficient than satellites.

As for weapons tech: the purpose of defense is to inflict maximum damage in round 1. It is not a big deal for a fleeter to send 50k lf instead of 5k, and you cant reasonably counter fleets with defense and still keep spending most on mines.

So the more you kill round 1, the better. Armour is therefore negligible. If the enemy attacks with destroyers, they will kill most defenses in 1 shot regardless of armour level, so its more about fodder and deut cost in that case.

If you have 20k sats you will be farm. How about the fact satellites can be destroyed meaning they cost you every time you are attacked in both lost production as well as the cost of new satellites.

How about the fact plasma tech levels can recover the deut used by the reactor and can even turn a profit at higher levels. How about the fact it can be leveled high enough that the solar plant isn't even necessary anymore giving you more fields for mines.

Remember, OGame is a long-term game and over the long term you are likely to spend less on the fusion reactor than you will on satellites. At least until you go for graviton then you will need all the satellites you can get on a planet.

I'll preface this by saying that I use Fusions in my slot 15s, as I can't be bothered to try to defend k sats The question isn't whether sats can be destroyed they can or whether the deut costs of fusions is particularly high it isn't , it's about how often sats are destroyed versus how much it would cost to run Fusion in the mean time.

Not only is the upfront cost of energy and fusions significant, sats are so cheap that you need to be crashed on planet about once a month for the cost of replacing the sats to be more than the deut consumed by fusions!

There's little additional risk to your planet from the 2k sats as overnight was easily double that value, and people kept k cargos per planet , and with enough def you generally won't get attacked for m worth of stuff.

As you say, little things add up in Ogame, as it is a long term game. So with some rather large exceptions like slot 15s and defense to DF universes where you can't defend your sats, sats are still generally a better choice for miners than fusions.

I tried fusion once and since then never build a single satelite. If i am a pure miner in x7 eco uni, 0.

I can't run out of deut. With fusion you don't need to worry about anything, just regulary FS res from all planets. Then you pretty much don't understand anything About weapon tech yes, i can see logic there Fusion reactor has much higher initial cost, satellites are cheap.

You spend more on fusion that on satellites on "normal" slots, so why go more expensive? Sats can be killed, ye, but they are waaaay cheaper.

I just recently improved Terra on all planets Built fusion 22s on all planets moved all planets to slot 14 and 15 scraped all sats save k now Im tearing down Plants as I need to could not be happier in Uni So is the cost of sats 2k sats is 4kk crystal 1kk deut Note that unless you're getting crashed somewhere around once a month, it's cheaper to build sats than to run fusion.

However, even with 7x eco, the cost of Fusion reactors is very high. So unless you're doing slot 15s, it's better to invest in some def and sats instead of the Fusions.

Indeed, I think they shouldn't - they should be focusing on basic things like FS'ing properly or farming inacs.

If you are running fusion, you need to be getting your plasma tech as high as possible as well. OGame Dark is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best.

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Leitende Entwickler. Description. OGame est un jeu de stratégie intergalactique et intemporel: défiez des milliers de joueurs et devenez le maître incontesté de l'univers! Une multitude de dangers et de défis vous attendent au fin fond de l'espace, mais aussi d'incroyables richesses, sans oublier le pouvoir absolu. OGame Dans OGame, ce grand classique intemporel de la stratégie spatiale, asseyez votre suprématie dans l'univers: partez à la conquête de planètes, développez des technologies révolutionnaires, nouez des alliances et livrez d'incroyables batailles intersidérales vous opposant à . OGame Dark is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best. Details 7 Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on Twitter. danaribordercollies.com Build your empire and rule the galaxy! Details 4
Ogame Minenausbau

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Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. If you would like to use all features of Sportwetten No Deposit Bonus site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. The most expensive and generally the most useless tech in the military tree, unless you have a RIP fleet. This page has been accessed 69, times.


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